Torg Stories Podcast: Chris Sparling Talks Hollywood Screenwriting

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Chris at ScriptBiz at the Rhode Island International Film Festival

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Podcast: 48 Hour Film Project Asheville Edition

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After living in Asheville for less than two weeks, I decided to plunk down $160 bucks and enter what is called the 48 Hour Film Project. This means that on a Friday night you pull a genre out of a hat and then are assigned a prop, a character, and a line that must be spoken in the film. You have 48 hours to turn in a movie between 4-7 minutes in length.

Here was our assignment:

  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Prop:  bell
  • character: Cynthia Peters gym instructor
  • line of dialogue: It’s your choice. What are you going to do?

When I entered the competition, I knew my team would at least consist of my youngest daughter age five, my older daughter age eight, and my wife who probably prefers me not disclose her age. With less than a week before the competition began, I hoped to secure some possible locations and recruit additional members to our Torg Stories team. I went to the library and checked out Asheville travel books, read the local Mountain Xpress hoping to find talent in the way of music or comedians, and sent messages to people I’d never met on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Using that process, I put together a team. Here are a few of the people I worked with and the places we shot:

48 Hour Film Project, Asheville, filmmaking, Fairy, Christopher's Garden, Odditorium, Asheville Outdoor Center

Barbie Angell who starred as the Fairy Protector of the Garden

the garden in the trailer is owned by Chris Mello. He also acts in the film

asheville outdoor center, 48 Hour Film Project Asheville

Dave from the Asheville Outdoor Center keeping me afloat

The Odditorium

we filmed at The Odditorium in West Asheville

Film by 16 year old Alex who did great work with us

Jeremy Vogt hooked us up with sci fi and travel music.

Love to hear comments and questions from you or if there is any other part of the 48 Hour Film Project that interests you.

Reading From A Viking on the Subway

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Short Story “Twilight” in

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  •  $5  “Twilight,” is a short story inspired by the twilight rate at a golf course I worked at in Queens. It appears in a sports anthology entitled Suicidally Beautiful. 

For the Love of Books

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a documentary film about Kathy Patrick and the Pulpwood Queens

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