Indiana vs UNC, White Lotus, and Tweets of the Week

Twitter White Lotus Summary Indiana Women Basketball versus North Carolina North Carolina High School

Battle of Top Ranked Women’s Teams, White Lotus Episode 5, and Tweets of the Week are this week’s topics on the December 5, 2022 edition of the Torg Stories Podcast.

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Segment One: Tweets of the Week

Joanna Robinson is a writer and podcaster at The Ringer. Click here for Twitter bio.

Nick Stevens is managing editor of High School OT at WRAL. Click here for Twitter bio.

Thanks to Keith Booker for the shoutout about our upcoming games at Watauga HS in Boone, NC. Keith is MMBR National Director of Scouting and Evaluation. Click here for his Twitter profile.

Watauga HS Girls are #9 in the new Charlotte Observer Sweet 16 Poll. Langston Wertz JR is a sports columnist for the Charlotte Observer. Click here for his Twitter profile.


Here is my episode five summary with commentary:

  • We open with Albie (who my sister Anne says is a kind of Stanford boring guy) with Lucia the escort his dad slept with a few days before.  I was right about people heading off to Palermo, at least with the very rich older lady Tanya and Quentin and his entourage. They take a boat with plans to visit Quentin’s mansion and to see the opera Madame Butterfly. Lucia says she likes Albie and doesn’t want any more money to spend time with him. The wife Harper in the rich nerdy couple plants the evidence of the cheating she found in their hotel on the bathroom sink so that her husband will find it and finally Harper gets the story of what happened with her husband Ethan and Cameron when the she and Daphne were out of town. I’m just realizing that Cameron also slept with Lucia within the past three nights. Harper and Ethan get together with Ethan’s old college friend Cameron and his wife Daphne and Harper decides to tie one on. Harper starts saying things “let’s get some molly and rage!” that let Cameron know she knows about him cheating on his wife. Cameron put his hand on Harper’s leg later in the evening. Valentina, the hotel manager re-assigns the hotel worker (sexual harassment!) who keeps flirting with the worker she likes for whom she bought the starfish pendant. Lucia’s friend Mia, who has not slept with anyone for $$$, starts flirting with gay Valentina the hotel manager. She eventually convinces Valentina to let her play the piano at the resort. The rich older lady Tanya (who has gone to see the opera) also brings her assistant Portia to Palermo and she goes out with my sister Anne’s favorite man in the show, the dangerous Jack whose uncle Quentin has the mansion in Palermo and who has gone with Tanya to see Madame Butterfly. We’ll see if my sister Anne is still in on Jack. Harper tells Cameron’s wife Daphne that she thinks her husband cheated on her. Daphne says she has a trainer and maybe Harper should get a trainer / (wink, wink).We get a story from Quentin who says he’s never been in love except for with a straight cowboy who didn’t love him back.  “Love’s never been my achilles heel,” Quentin says. “It was always beauty. I’d die for beauty; wouldn’t you?” Lots of hints about dying are starting to pile up. We get a montage to the sound of Mia playing the piano. Anne’s guy Jack tells Portia that he’s got to do something for his uncle and for her to keep the door unlocked cause he’ll be back. We get a shot of Harper looking like she could kill somebody. Cameron certainly looks like he could kill somebody. Albie’s dad Dom tries to call his wife but can’t get through. The older rich lady Tanya can’t sleep and holy smokes, isn’t that Jack having sex with Quentin who we have been told is his uncle? Bodies are coming in the next two episodes. Who’s not going to make it? Who will do the killing?



Sydney Parrish went 4-7 from three and scored 24 points for Indiana in their 87-63 win over North Carolina.

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