Deon Sanders, Top Gun, and White Lotus

Deon Sanders, Top Gun, Scoring at the End of a Blowout, and White Lotus topics on the December 11, 2022 edition of the Torg Stories Podcast.

Tweets of the week discussed on the episode:

WorldWideWob and Pat_Benson_Jr

@WrBolen stands with everyone pro Zion Dunk

AP reports on Top Gun and @LindaHolmes wonders about artichoke liqueur.

To read about artichoke liqueur, click here.


Good NBA nugget from Stan Van Gundy.

For articles like the one mentioned above and random out-of-context tweets, check out Mike Freeman on Twitter.

To read Mike Freeman’s article about Deon Sanders move to Colorado, click here. Here’s a quote from the article:

  • What I felt was the most significant acknowledgement of what Sanders might have accomplished at Jackson State: “Sanders’ success at Jackson State, and what could be even more success at Colorado, and earning huge paychecks along the way, could open up doors for Black coaches. Sanders could even lead to the hiring of more Black coaches in Power Five conferences.”

A recapping of White Lotus Episode Season 2, Episode 6 with some commentary and sprinkles of humor mixed in:

Tanya, who you can see in Legally Blonde and current Old Navy commercials, is off for two nights to Quentin’s family palazzo with the “high end gays” and her assistant Portia. The beautiful couple, Cam and Daphne, are having sex to open the episode. Next door at the resort, Harper talks to her husband Ethan how they aren’t attracted to each other anymore. We get lots of shots of statues with no noses.

Tanya, who in no way seems to have her shart together, (I say shart to avoid cussing like my daughter Izzy showed me how to do) tells her assistant Portia to get her shart together, which although ironic is probably the right advice. Grandpa Bert Di Grasso is very excited to go with his son Dom and grandson Albie (who have both slept with Lucia) to visit the place in Sicily where their family is from. Lucia approaches Ethan at the resort and demands to be paid for a night’s work as an escort, even though it’s Cam who arranged the evening and who slept with her. Ethan’s wife Harper thinks she keeps seeing evidence that Ethan did cheat on her even though she didn’t. Harper says to Ethan, “I saw you talking to the hookers.”

Quentin, who appears to be paying Jack to sleep with him, watches Jack drive away for the day with Portia. We hear “get it together again,” but this time it’s Grandpa Bert telling his son Dom about his losing it over Lucia coming along with Albie for the trip to see where they come from. There are a bunch of what I take to be red herrings about who will do the killing in the final episode. Jack gives a pretty good speech about living each day as it comes. He’s pretty hard on Portia for saying she feels unsatisfied; kind of a person of ease’s discontent that she might have.

Lucia is supposed to be the DeGrasso family interpreter as they travel to find their family roots but she is followed by this dude we’ve seen before. He seems to indeed be her pimp or it’s some kind of set up. The DeGrasso’s let her go off with him. Back at the resort, don’t forget Cam grabbed Harper’s leg the day before. Now she goes off to drink with him. Then she goes back up to the rooms with him. Maybe they’re in the same room and maybe they’re not. For the first time we get to see someone’s imagination: Ethan imagines Cam and his wife Harper in the room together. Other than getting hurt, the Degrasso visit to the motherland couldn’t go worse. The elder lady of the house threatens to throw artichokes at their heads.

Back at the palazzo, Quentin has set Tanya up with a young good looking man. Tanya does lots and lots of coke. Valentina has a birthday. She asks out the worker she has been harassing. She says yes! Oh, the worker is engaged to Rocco. Valentina cancels! Mia, who is friends with Lucia, turns out to be an amazing piano player and singer. We learn Valentina has never been with a woman. Mia says she’ll give her a birthday present and sleeps with her. The palazzo party totally rages. Doesn’t one guy look a lot like Borat? Jack gets terribly drunk. Portia wants to go back. They don’t. Jack says he was in a deep hole. Sounds like Quentin and his buddies think Tanya can get them out of financial trouble. Tanya sleeps with the dude she’s been set up with. Is it part of a set up to get her money? Final episode coming up next.

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