IGHL Kickoff Meeting + 8th Grade at Open Gym

Three announcements:

  • IGHL Kickoff Meeting: We will have an Indy Girls Hoops League kickoff meeting for parents and coaches on August 2nd in the activities center (field house) at 6:30. Expect the meeting to last less than an hour. Grade level teams are invited to meet in individual groups as needed following the larger meeting. More info below.
  • High School Open Gyms will begin Monday, August 7th after school. The gym is reserved Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because the 8th grade does not have an IGHL team, they are invited to HS open gyms.
  • HS Girls Team Power Hour Meeting: The high school is utilizing what is called Power Hour, which allows students to meet with teachers of their choice for 30 minutes of their lunch. Girls basketball will have a power hour meeting on Monday, August 7th during the second half of lunch. Power Hour will also be utilized once a week to shoot free throws. I’ll look for a day that doesn’t conflict with other girls sports or the boys basketball team.


A version of the letter below was emailed to some and also posted to the Greenwood Lady Woodmen Facebook Page to announce the upcoming Indy Girls Hoops League (IGHL) kickoff meeting:

To the Parents and Coaches of IGHL Players:
First off, I want to say that I think we all should expect some bumps in the road as we learn to work together. For example, I’ve realized that some of you already had plans made or in the works to get your season started with meetings. Please understand that if I’m stepping on any toes by choosing this specific day or time, I’ve done that by accident. 
I’m working with the high school basketball staff to plan an IGHL Kickoff Meeting FOR COACHES AND PARENTS on Wednesday, August 2nd at 6:30 in the field house.
The main purpose of this meeting is to thank you for all of the positive momentum you have created when it comes to girls playing basketball in our community. I also want to introduce you to any of our basketball staff who are able to make it. This includes Terry Boesch, who was recently hired as a teacher at the high school and who I’ve asked to focus his coaching time on working with youth girls basketball programs. I also want to share what I see as the Greenwood ADMIN’s perspective when it comes to my role working with youth programs and use of the facilities. Admin will hold me accountable for some aspects of the youth program, and I need to share that information with you.
We hope this meeting will last less than an hour. Terry and I are happy to hang around after the meeting to answer questions. Of course it might make sense that you will want to get together after the meeting to take care of business for the upcoming season.
We have some gym times available in the activities center (field house) most Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:30. The more we can all practice at common times, the more we can work and learn together.
Parents and coaches at each grade level should expect to do things much like they always have, which I see as working together to make decisions that are best for the team. What will be different is that you have a new high school staff that wants to cheer you on and support you however we can. If any coaches would like to talk about practice plans, player development, drills, press breakers, basic offensive principles, or anything else that we try and implement at the high school, we’d enjoy getting together for conversation.
I look forward to seeing you in the gym soon!
Bill Torgerson
English Teacher and Girls Basketball Coach
Greenwood High School
Coach Bill Torgerson Greenwood Girls Basketball Indiana

New Varsity Assistant Girls Basketball Coach at Greenwood High School

On Friday, July 21st, I was given the go ahead by Greenwood High School Principal Todd Garrison to share the news that Terry Boesch has accepted a teaching position at the high school and agreed to be the varsity assistant girls basketball coach. This is a position that was filled last year by Kris Simpson. Coach Simpson will be the junior varsity coach for the 2017-18 season. 

I first met Terry when he reached out to me via email to inform me of his family’s plans to relocate to Greenwood. I was immediately impressed with Terry’s desire to learn about the game of basketball and use it as a tool for teaching young people important life lessons. In addition to Terry’s successful work with girls basketball players in the Martinsville area, he did equally remarkable work with his students in the classroom.


Terry with wife Valentina and daughters Milana, Elise, and Vivian

Terry comes to the Greenwood community after a successful government and military career that included deployments to Kuwait and Iraq. Before moving to Indiana last year, Terry worked as Senior Advisor to the Executive Director of Arlington National Cemetery. Facing long commutes of over two hours each way per day, Terry wanted to make a change that would allow him to be around his family more and pursue his passion for working with young people and the game of basketball.

When I offered Terry the position of varsity assistant girls basketball coach, I outlined some of his major responsibilities as follows:

The varsity assistant will work with the head coach to design and implement a Greenwood Girls Basketball Developmental Program. This means the varsity assistant must work closely with all coaches in the program, including the high school and middle schools staffs as well as those who coach within the IGHL, Lady Mac, and AAU teams that use Greenwood Community Schools facilities. The varsity assistant will serve as a liaison between the youth basketball community in Greenwood and the head girls basketball coach.

In planning this introduction of Terry to our Greenwood basketball community, I asked him what he thought I should tell the parents of the girls who are interested in basketball. I was excited by his response:

“I think you should tell the parents that I’m very much looking forward to meeting them because we are new to Greenwood and because we all love basketball, and we want to see our daughters do well in it. … To get started in my new role, I just plan to observe and offer encouragement and support.”

Some of you may have already met Terry as he has brought his daughters to a few of our open gyms this summer. As he and I both prepare to begin our first year teaching at Greenwood High School, I look forward to working with him, the rest of our staff, and the larger Greenwood community to create opportunities for our youth. I look forward to seeing many of you in the gym soon!

Podcast: Asheville Movies and Wicked Weed with Edwin Arnaudin

This May 6, 2017 Torg Stories Podcast edition is with Edwin Arnaudin, a freelance writer for publications such as Asheville’s MountainXpress and Citizen Times.

Edwin is working on a piece for Xpress about our documentary film, On the French Broad River, and so I asked him to join me for a conversation about Asheville and freelance writing. We also talked about what was then the breaking news that the popular local craft brewery Wicked Weed had been sold to Anheuser-Busch.

edwin podcast.jpg

Our On the French Broad River film screens Asheville’s Grail Moviehouse at the following times:

  • Wednesday, May 24th 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, May 27th at noon
  • Sunday, May 28th at noon

Click here for more information including location and how to buy tickets.

Click on the player below to listen to the podcast or look for it on iTunes.

You can connect with Edwin on Twitter by clicking here or check out his movie site here.

Thanks for reading and/or listening!