Putting AI ChatGPT to Work

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Welcome to the Torg Stories Podcast at TheTorg.com. This episode was recorded Sunday, March 25, 2013. If you enjoy this episode of the podcast, we hope you’ll take time to tell someone you know, perhaps send them a link to this page.

Music on today’s podcast is by Brad Fiedel from the film The Terminator.

Two main topics on today’s agenda:

  1. Anne and I gave ChatGPT some work to do for us, and we’re going to tell you about that.
  2. We read these articles for discussion:
  • “AI Isn’t Going to Take Your Job–But You Might Have to Work With It,” an article in the Washington Post by Danielle Abril. Click here for article.
  • “Beyond the Hype: What You Really Need to Know About AI in 2023,” an article in Forbes by Bernard Marr. Click here for article.

What did I ask AIChatGPT to do?

  • Use principles in the screenwriting book Save the Cat to write an outline of a screenplay. Then I asked it to write the first 5 pages of the script.
  • Write an MLA formatted paper with 3 sources about using analytics to coach basketball. (prepare a list of sources
  • Prepare a list of principles for teaching pedagogy for teaching online writing.
  • Prepare a 1 hour basketball practice plan working on principles from Bob Knight’s motion offense.
  • Write a student a letter of feedback on a research paper.

We read two articles for discussion:

AI Isn’t Going to Take Your Job–But You Might Have to Work With It

  • Let’s try and name a few tasks that we regularly do as a part of our job. For me, responding to student writing, answering emails, writing assignment directions, and planning class sessions.
  • I’ve marked two passages to read.
  • Are you encountering AI, automation? I’m thinking of parking garages and my plane ticket being scanned. Completes my sentences in Google Docs.
  • I’m going to try OtterAI for transcribing this conversation and providing a written summary.
  • There’s a line about instinct in the medical profession. Also reminds me of using phone for driving directions.
  • Authors using AI to write books to sell online.
  • I do think maybe there is the danger of nothing standing out.

Beyond the Hype: What You Really Need to Know About AI in 2023:

  • Read the excerpt with the Google CEO line that sure gets a lot of play.
  • The capacity to learn and improve.
  • Agree/Disagree: Just about anyone can use generative AI to make themselves smarter and more efficient.
  • Impossible? We need to be sure that the decisions and operations of AI are aligned with our ethical values.

Some AI ChatGPT Observations:

  1. AI is excellent at preparing an annotated bibliography.
  2. AI worked well for writing a script outline. Excellent at the formatting. Pretty cheesy and drawing heavily on existing scripts. Not good with puns such as when David Sedaris called his beach house the Sea-Section.
  3. The specificity of prompts are important in doing things such as generating a practice plan or script outline. Using the words “modify” or “revise” with our AI prompts worked well to create better products.

Idea for future podcasts:

  • Keep going with AI?
  • Try a 10×4 episode PTI style? We try to come up with 10 topics we can talk about for 4 mins each? I’d set a timer.

If you enjoyed this episode, we’d sure appreciate you liking and/or commenting on this post. The best is if you’ll find a way to share it with someone you think might enjoy it. We sure appreciate you listening!

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