NCAA Final Four, Favorite All Time Athletes, and Movies from HS Among this Week’s Topics

NCAA LSU Iowa taunting No Class Kim Mulkey

We start with the NCAA Final Fours and the LSU vs. Iowa championship game.

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Torg Notes for Discussion on the 10 Topics:

10 – Final 4 Men

  • San Diego State doesn’t call time out and wins. Coach Brian Dutcher, who was was Frieder for a long time, said he was out of plays. Going back to Stanford women’s game, I thought they had a better chance of winning if they didn’t call any timeouts. You gotta know why you are calling timeout and what you want.
  • UConn – in the neighborhood of becoming the only team to win its first 5 games by 15 or more. It did become one of six who won all games by double digits. Four of those teams have won the title.
  • Florida Atlantic #9 seed has the Indiana connection. All players returning. Coach signed an extension. Boca Raton a good place to call home?
  • Miami coached by Jim Larranaga. Took George Mason to the Final 4. 73 years old.

9 – Final 4 Woman

  • Clark vision as good as her 3pt shooting.
  • Love the flare into a down screen slip. Want to see where they have shooters when they are getting the ball screen slips. Clark 41, 5-17 from 3. 15-31 field lots of lay ups. 8 turnovers. Willing to miss and willing to make mistakes. Czinano 18 very efficient. Boston severe foul trouble. Tough calls. Iowa out rebounded 49-25.
  • LSU over VA Tech – Thought VA Tech got timid and soft in the 4th, showed that in a way they hadn’t earlier. Reese and Morris were too much. Similar to the other game. LSU has more outside shooting than SC. Clark more of an explosive scorer than Amoore.

8 – Favorite Athlete All Time

  • Larry Bird. Banging his head on the floor vs. Pacers. The Outfield’s “Winning it All” on NBA Superstars. “Out there shooting in the rain,” mentality from his video biography.
  • MJ, Chris Mullin, Steve Alford, Tiger Woods
  • What’s our criteria for favorite athlete?

7 – Winamac, Indiana

  • From LA or Boone, What’s it like?
  • Tippecanoe River. Cane poles and sunfish on the bank. Playing basketball at Schultz’s barn and old Pulaski County School.

6 – Indiana Beach

  • Ran rides. Someone throwing up on the Tilt a Whirl. Double shifts when they’d swing by at midnight and say they were going to stay open. Putting the days off I needed in the little basket in the office. Didn’t look like anyone else was doing that. Working the top of the log ride.

5 – Where We Live

  • Why do you live where you live?
  • Boone: combination of the water and the mountains. Green mountains. The ledges and Stackhouse off the French Broad River.
  • I do like less of a crowd here in Boone vs. Asheville.

4 – Movie From HS

  • Say Anything: Dare to be Great Situation. “I’m Lloyd Dobler.” Negative of thinking that if you do the big thing, like stand outside someone’s window with a boom box, that’s going to be the thing that makes the relationship work. Does that work?
  • Sixteen Candles. Hoosiers. The Breakfast Club. Weird Science, Dead Poets Society, When Harry Met Sally

3 – Music Album from HS

  • traded my Bruce Springsteen cassette to Kevin Larkin for Prince’s Purple Rain
  • Why was the trade necessary? Maybe the only time I ever did that…
  • Let’s Go Crazy, I Would Die 4 U, Take Me With You, When Doves Cry
  • Def Leppard, “Hysteria.” Pour Some Sugar on Me. Love Bites.
  • Synchronicity, I remember my grandma Ogie telling me a red light in a window meant prostitution.
  • The Outfield, Play Deep. Riding in the back of John Frake’s car to golf practice.
  • John Cougar Mellencamp, “Uh-Huh.”
  • Appetite for Destruction and the prom. “Sweet Child of Mine.”

2 – Family Vacation Memory

  • leaving mom at the gas station to see when Dad would notice
  • people following us in Hollywood and us kind of freaking out
  • Kings Island was the staple: Flintstone bumper cars, corkscsrew where you cried and then loved it, the log run, The Beast in the running for best roller coaster of all time? I would now say the Hagrid Universal Ride, maybe the Guardians at Disney but it’s so short and I’m out on Disney after my last trip.
  • Playing the Nicholas golf course at Kings Island.

1 – Recommendation

  • finished biography Robin by Dave Itzkoff. Parkinson’s. Lewy Body Disease. Billy Crystal and that bird out of his window.
  • Notability – I especially like the workflow of being on my computer and hitting print. Saving as a PDF. Uploading to Google Drive folder and then importing into Notability. Might try that with my classes starting this summer and then letting students use my workflow or come up with better / alternative ones.

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The podcast was recorded on Sunday, April 2nd. Thanks for listening!

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