Down on Disney, NBA / NFL Standings, and White Lotus Episode 4

Down on Disney, a peek at the NFL and NBA Standings, and White Lotus season 2, episode 4 are the topics on this November 27, 2022 Episode of the Torg Stories Podcast.

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Relevant Links to today’s podcast:

  1. NFL Playoff picture click here.
    • The Jets roll with a new quarterback.
    • Bengals recover nicely after a terrible start.
  2. NBA Standings click here.
    • Celtics best record in the league. Pacers in 4th place?!!!
  3. NY Times article “Iger’s Sudden Return to Disney Shocks a Discontented Kingdom” by Brooks Barenes, Benjamin Mullin, and James B Stewart click here.
    • Eye-popping losses in streaming. Lower-than-expected theme park profitability. Sharp challenges in cable television, including at ESPN.
  4. White Lotus Season 2 Cast and Characters click here.
    • “My whole life has been one long distraction.”

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Drafting NBA Franchises, White Lotus, and Linville Falls

Anne puts down almost every NBA city on today’s show as she and I draft the franchises we’d like to own. We also discuss leaving mom behind at the gas station on a family vacation and the HBO show White Lotus Season 2, Episode 2. This episode was recorded on November 13, 2022.

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Be sure to scroll down for images and video from the Torg family outing to see Linville Falls right after the remnants of Hurricane Nicole rolled through. After our visit to the falls, we stopped off at the quaint Old Hampton store for some live music and BBQ.

Check out the links below to connect to some of what we discuss on this week’s podcast:

  • We enjoyed great BBQ and live music at the Old Hampton Store & Barbecue in Linville, NC. Click here to view their Facebook page.
  • In order to check out the falls after Hurricane Nicole, we parked at the Linville Falls visitor center off of the Blue Ridge Parkway near mile marker 316. Check out this website for more details on how to visit the falls.
  • Here’s a list of the cast and characters from HBO’s White Lotus Season 2.
  • For a cool map of NBA cities, click here.
  • Thanks to Megan Torgerson Real Estate for sponsoring the podcast. Click here to visit Megan’s real estate page.

Live music inside the Old Hampton Store in Linville, NC:

Live Music and BBQ at the Old Hampton Store in Linville, North Carolina

Torg family at pool above falls Lost Province Octoberfest food from the Old Hampton Store

Top of Linville Falls after Hurricane Nicole in North Carolina Nov / 2022

A view of Linville Falls, NC after Hurricane Nicole / Nov 2022

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NBA Fandom and a 67 Game Winning Streak

My sister Anne Torgerson joined me from Los Angeles on this Halloween Eve edition of the Torg Stories podcast.

Anne and I opened the show making some plans about what we would watch this week for a discussion next Sunday. We agreed on this:

  • Mon Oct 31: Pacers v. Nets
  • Fri Nov. 4: Bucks v. Timberwolves
  • White Lotus Season 2, Episode 1
My Larry Bird costume came out on the creepy Tiger King side. Click below to listen to the pod:

To listen to this episode, you can click on the audio file above or search for “Torg Stories” in the podcast app of your iPhone.

Here’s a list of additional topics discussed on this episode:

  • Anne is trying to force an NBA Fandom by subscribing to NBA League Pass and she attended a Clippers game.
  • We looked back on Anne’s high school basketball career in Indiana during which time her team won 67 regular season games in a row.
  • I outlined my Brooklyn Nets take that the team is going to turn it around. We also discussed the Golden State Warriors.
  • We discussed the beginning of high school basketball season here in North Carolina.

Back in the Zone / Back to OKC

Was that a zone defense Golden State played?

zone defense, Golden State, Warriors, Steph Curry, Steve Kerr, OKC, Thunder, Westbrook, Durant

not a zone

Watch along the baseline in the clip above. #40 Harrison Barnes chases Durant to the corner. If defenders chase the man they are guarding to a different part of the court, you’re looking at a man-to-man defense. If defenders point to each other and pass off offensive players to each other to guard, then you’re probably looking at a zone. At the end of this play, it sure looks like Golden State is in a match up or 2-3 zone, but they aren’t.

Extra note: In Golden State’s man-to-man defense, usually everyone not guarding the ball has a foot in the lane. They are really packed in, and when you combine that with the fact that sometimes the Thunder players don’t move (happening less in the playoffs) it’s easy to think that Golden State is playing zone.

zone defense

match up zone defense 

In the clip above, watch ponytailed #12 Steven Adams in the blue for the Thunder. When he runs away from Golden State’s Bogut in the paint, Bogut just lets him go. He points to Curry to pick up Adams. Switching every screen has a lot in common with playing a zone defense.

In a zone, you match up with the person in your area. Theoretically, this means Golden State could have someone like their center Bogut match up with Durant when he tries to post up in the lane but have someone faster and more mobile like Draymond Green defend Durant when he is on the perimeter.

I remember Coach Bob Knight saying that the offense’s advantage versus a zone is that they get to pick who they want to attack. Want to play your little point guard on top of the zone? How about we put Dirk Nowitzki up there to shoot threes over your little guy? The defense’s advantage is that they get to pick where their players play.

zone defense, Golden State, Warriors, Stephen Curry, OKC, Thunder, Durant, Westbrook, NBA, Western Conference Finals

looks like a zone

On TNT, Chris Webber sounded like he was in disbelief that Golden State went to a zone. I tend to agree with CW’s assessment that this is indeed a zone. The aspect of this play that gives me pause is when Golden State’s Andre Iguodala seems to beat a screen and chase Durant to the top of the key. I think A.I. probably abandoned his post for a second so that Durant wasn’t left running free or else Kanter came down and tried to pin him inside so Durant could get free for a shot.

It might be interesting to see if Golden State tries to play more zone in Game six.

Yeah, Golden State played some zone, but Curry was back in the zone as a shooter


Curry back to his old MVP self

In the upper right hand corner, first Curry goes back door off a down screen. Then he runs off a down screen on the other side of the court to the perimeter. Adams can’t decide if he should chase him or not. This is the kind of play where the defense pays so much attention to Curry that the screeners are left open.

Although Curry’s percentage was below average, he was 10-10 from the line, making circus moves around the hoop we are used to, and scored 31 points.

What do I mean the screeners get open?


#12 Bogut screens for Thompson


It’s most impressive when the player with the ball realizes the screener is open and find him. In this case, this is most likely a set play out of a timeout. Pay attention to #12 Bogut. He is heading to screen for Thompson, a fantastic three point shooter. When everyone runs out to the shooter, Bogut gets free for the dunk.

When Ezeli hits two, you know it was Golden State’s night

Festus Ezeli, Golden State, Warriors, Curry, Steve Kerr, OKC, Durant, Westbrook

Swish, swish!

Festus Ezeli shot 53% from the line during the season and 42% in the playoffs. Here, near the end of the third quarter, he makes the both. Game six coming right up on Saturday night in Oklahoma City!

Ode to Steven Adams

With the biggest props from game 4 of the Western Conference Finals going to Russell Westbrook and his triple double, I wanted to write about the play of Steve Adams, some of the stuff that doesn’t make the postgame barrage of highlights. However, I ran into problems coming up with a title that would set up the list of of Adams clips I wanted to share with you. Thus–with props to John Keats for providing a model I could follow–this “Ode to Steven Adams’ Game Four” was born:

Thou ponytailed big man,

practitioner of the baby hook

Steven Adams, Thunder, OKC, Durant, Westbrook

nice little flip shot from Adams


Long jump shots are sweet,

but long jump shots blocked are sweeter

Steven Adams, OKC, Thunder, Golden State, Warriors, basketball, NBA, defense, switch screen

Adams blocks Curry’s shot


Let them grab your jersey,

Nothing will deny you from at least a tip

Steven Adams, Thunder, OKC, Westbrook, Durant

Adams keeps possession alive for Thunder


Curry so dangerous on the screen and roll

but your big mitt got a piece


Deflection by Adams


Reggie Miller, voice of TNT, say’st,

You look like Arvydas Sabonis with the long pass.

I think you must have played dodge ball.

Steven Adams, Reggie Miller, TNT, Thunder, OKC, Durant, Wesbrook

Adams throws a strike