NBA Fandom and a 67 Game Winning Streak

My sister Anne Torgerson joined me from Los Angeles on this Halloween Eve edition of the Torg Stories podcast.

Anne and I opened the show making some plans about what we would watch this week for a discussion next Sunday. We agreed on this:

  • Mon Oct 31: Pacers v. Nets
  • Fri Nov. 4: Bucks v. Timberwolves
  • White Lotus Season 2, Episode 1
My Larry Bird costume came out on the creepy Tiger King side. Click below to listen to the pod:

To listen to this episode, you can click on the audio file above or search for “Torg Stories” in the podcast app of your iPhone.

Here’s a list of additional topics discussed on this episode:

  • Anne is trying to force an NBA Fandom by subscribing to NBA League Pass and she attended a Clippers game.
  • We looked back on Anne’s high school basketball career in Indiana during which time her team won 67 regular season games in a row.
  • I outlined my Brooklyn Nets take that the team is going to turn it around. We also discussed the Golden State Warriors.
  • We discussed the beginning of high school basketball season here in North Carolina.

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