White Lotus Predictions and the NBA’s Nets, Bucks and Pacers

Welcome to the Torg Stories podcast Sun Nov 6th, 2022 edition. Tonight my sister Anne and I talk NBA Hoops and about episode one of the HBO show White Lotus. 

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Megan Torgerson Real Estate as a sponsor. 

Click the audio file above to listen or search for “Torg Stories” in the podcast app of an iPhone.

We open the show with predictions on the following:

  • Does Indy Colts Coach Frank Reich finish the season?
  • How many regular season games will Kyrie Irving play for the Nets this year?
  • Make a prediction for HBO’s White Lotus Season 2.
  • Who wins more games this week, the Nets or the Clippers?

Thanks for checking out this week’s episode!

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