Tips for Hunting Morel Mushrooms

When mushroom hunters begin to talk about how to find morel mushrooms, they talk about hunting trees.

It’s hunting for trees that is why in the documentary film The Mushroom Hunter, you’ll see my dad and his friend Vic looking up in the air and pointing off in the distance so much.

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There’s two trees to get started with:


1.  The almost dead or newly dead elm tree. These trees will produce roonies for years. The biggest tell tale sign I’ve heard about is the peeling bark.

morel mushrooms, how to find, elm tree peeling bark

the sort of peeling bark that makes me take a closer look

2. The living ash tree, most easily identifiable through its white-colored splotchy marks.

ash tree, white splotches, morel mushoroms

the white splotchiness that marks some ash trees


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morel mushroom festival Brown County Indiana Mushroom Hunter






Footage from Brown County Morel Festival will appear in feature film.

morel mushrooms, cook, The Mushroom Hunter, festival, indie, documentary

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