Listen for the Oprah Moment

I was a recent guest on a podcast called DJ Grandpa. He interviewed me about the project and then we got to talking about my dad, his grandfather, and our own experiences as fathers.

You can listen here:

With 19 days to go, we’ve still got over $3,000 to go of our $5,000 goal. A big way that you can continue to support the film is to go onto Facebook and post/share the link below. Lots of times the evening is a better time to share. Ask people if they are willing to give from $5 to $15. If we could get 400 people to do that, the project would be funded.

Here’s the link to share:

Thanks to DJ Grandpa for having me as a guest  and to all of you for supporting the film.

Have a great day!


morel mushrooms, DJ Grandpa

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