The Mushroom Hunter

has been accepted to the

Indianapolis International Film Festival

Screens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Saturday, July 20th at 8:30


Wednesday, July 24th at 4:30 p.m.

Indianapolis Film Festival, documentary, morel mushrooms, France Park, Logansport, Winamac


A Son’s Story of His Father’s Passion

The Mushroom Hunter is a Doc Film of Thirty Minutes

Torg and his buddies have hunted morel mushrooms for over fifty years. In this documentary shot in North Central Indiana, hear their stories, learn some of their secrets, and join them for a local hunt. This is a story of friendship and the trials that come with getting older.  


mushroom hunters, morel mushrooms, Winamac, Indiana

from left to right: Casey Jones, Martin Torgerson, Kenny Hattery


morel mushrooms, France Park, Indiana, mushroom hunting, documentary, film

Vic Heater on the left and Martin Torgerson on the right head into the woods for a hunt


Onesheet more Information about The Mushroom Hunter (pdf)

Bill Torgerson pdf filmmaker bio

Media Kit for Bill Torgerson provided by Cherokee McGhee Press


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Morel Mushroom Film Update

The Mushroom Hunter is a Documentary Film

With 37 days to go, we’re 20% funded on Kickstarter.

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morel mushroom festival Brown County Indiana Mushroom Hunter



I’ll be filming at Brown County Fest

morel mushrooms, cook, The Mushroom Hunter, festival, indie, documentary

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Documentary Film Update: Road Trip for Morel Mushroom Festival

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Road trip! Here come 806 miles each way from NYC

to Brown County, Indiana for the  Simply Music, Simply Mushrooms-Morel Festival.

morel mushroom festival Brown County Indiana Mushroom Hunter

I’ll join my father, The Mushroom Hunter of our documentary film, as well as musician Jeremy Vogt.

We could still use  your help funding the film. Care to buy some mushroom gear or other Torg Stories swag to help support the film?

Click the link below:

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More updates to come!