College Visit and NBA Playoff Pyramid

Curry scores 50, Jimmy Butler, NBA Playoffs

Welcome to the Torg Stories Podcast April 30th, 2023 edition. Anne and I are opening with stories. We’re doing an NBA Playoff update, and get ready for a new feature: the NBA Playoff Player Pyramid.

Click above for audio.

Before Anne gets to her story, I have some story related observations and questions:

  • What are some of the possible features that make for a story worth hearing?
  • Okay, there’s been a decision to tell a story. What can make it good? What do good storytellers do?
  • Going the other way: what makes for a bad story?
  • The myth of the plot diagram or narrative arc: exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution.

Our stories:

  • The idea of listening with a pencil.
  • Anne: almost mugged in Munich
  • Bill: College visit to Randolph Macon. The Zoom meeting that starts at 2:00. The car rider line that starts at 2:45. Storms. 421, 40, 85, 95, Richmond. The crummy Holiday Inn Express. What makes a good/not good hotel?

NBA Playoff Update:

  • West: Nuggets lead Suns 1-0. Warriors eliminate Kings to face Lakers in 2nd round.
  • Curry scores playoff game 7 record 50 points. Looney 21 rebounds, 3rd game in series over 20 rebounds.
  • East: Heat lead Knicks 1-0. Sixers face Celtics Monday night game 1 2nd round.

Our Playoff Player Pyramids:

Bill’s player playoff triangle
Anne NBA Player Playoff Pyramid

Thanks for listening!

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