College Recruitment, NBA Playoffs, and Mailbag

Topics include traveling to Knoxville for a women’s basketball tournament during the NCAA exposure period, the process of getting recruited to play sports in college, finding morel mushrooms, and the NBA Playoffs Round 1.

Travel ball check in:

  • The pleasure of team building.
  • Geno spotting. Kenny Brooks from VA Tech.
  • Good exposure on Twitter and at the games.
  • Great effort and attitude. Of courses lots of ways to grow.
  • Resilient but then also the teams that are talented and execute.
  • Charlotte worked in the prom and Dad had some health problems.
  • 5 game weekend. What’s next?

Mailbag questions:

How can I get my daughter recruited to play basketball?

  • (DI vs. Lower Levels). Getting to know the programs, rosters, and schools. Emails, DMs, and video. Elite camps. Watch practice. Go to games.

How do you find a morel mushroom? When?

  • We’re third week of April in the mountains of NC. I remember Easter in Indiana. Mayapples knee high. Dead trees. LOL, look down.

How is Anne doing with her broken leg?

NBA Playoffs Check In:

  • West: Nuggets lead 3-1. Suns lead 3-1. Warriors vs. Kings 2-2. Lakers lead Grizzlies 2-1.
  • Predictions: I had the Suns. You had Kings over Warriors. How are you feeling now?
  • My stories: Steph shotmaking. Draymond defense on multiple superstars. Steph’s timeout. Sabonis being played like Draymond. The way teams like Golden State learn about box and 1’s and playing defense like people play on Draymond.
  • Curry timeout with JR Smith and LeBron. The size of this story but also that it’s a mistake that can happen.
  • East: Miami leads Bucks 2-1. Giannis expected back tonight. Knicks lead Cavs 3-1. Sixers sweep Nets. Celtics lead Hawks 3-1.
  • Your Knicks prediction looking good.
  • The Heat redemption after the “blow it up” after Hawks loss still in play.

My team vs. your team: (see last week’s draft if you’re interested)

  • Still struck that we both wanted KD first. Is he the best player in the game when healthy? We want him over Giannis when we’re trying to win playoff games. Everyone agree with us?
  • You’re starting Jokic, Lillard, and Booker and those are guys I think I can go after in isolations. My worst two shooting starters are probably LeBron and Davis. I could bring in Butler and Morant.
  • Steph and LeBron are my worst two defenders. I can bring in Butler, Morant, Jrue Holiday and all of those guys can shoot. So I win playing small-er ball and with defense.

A comment for the conversation?

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