Youth Basketball Workout #1 + Jazz Fit

I spend quite a bit of time trying to learn about basketball workouts. This includes books, DVDs I order, and YouTube videos.  Every once in awhile someone will see my girls playing and ask how much they practice. We try for three days in a row and then we take a day off. Sometimes people will ask for some of the drills we do. Our workouts are always evolving. At the moment, we’ve got three slightly different on-court workouts we do. Those last about an hour and then we go home and do strength work in our basement for forty minutes.

Below, I’m sharing a PDF file with the workouts we’re doing at the moment, a video of one of the girls’ workouts and a YouTube video I saw recently posted by the Utah Jazz.

Hope you find some of this useful. If you’ve got suggestions, comments, or questions, love to hear from you.

Click PDF for Torgerson Sisters Workout #1 June, 2018


Video of June, 2018 Workout



Jazz Fit Video: We Incorporated Some of This into Our Strength Workouts


If you’ve got comments, questions, or suggestion, we’d love to hear from you!

Youth Basketball Workout, Basketball Player Development

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