Tweet the Super Bowl with Me?

Hashtags: #torgchat #superbowl

I’ve started using Twitter in my writing courses at St. John’s University. I thought it might be a fun introduction for some of the students to tweet the Super Bowl as a class. That got me thinking that some of you might like to join me too.  Here’s my invitation to the students:

I invite you to tweet the first half of the Super Bowl with me. How would you do that? Do you know what a hashtag is? It looks like this:


To tweet along with me, add this hashtag that we use in class:  #torgchat  You just type that hashtag into any of your tweets.

Keeping track of tweets can be tricky. I’m going to use a website called “Tweetchat”  Just click on the link and read. It’s not too hard to use. If you use Tweetchat, you won’t have to keep typing the hashtag.

In order to get other Super Bowl tweets, I’ll add some more hashtags. Here are likely some popular ones:

  • #superbowl
  • #ravens
  • #niners

There will also be some hashtags that arise because of what we see. If you know about the Jets’ season, then you might know this one:



image from

You don’t have to like football. We can tweet about commercials and music too.

If you decide to join us, please be respectful. Don’t forget, you are responsible for your tweets.  Behave yourself.  Have a great weekend!

Have questions? Leave a comment and I’ll write you back.

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