Macy’s Day Parade Report

Six a.m. wasn’t early enough for a front row seat to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We were lucky enough to meet a man from Phoenix who gave up his scaffolding seat to the girls.  It was a wooden bench-like spot.  Perfect!

Macy's Day Parade Prof. Torg
Notice CJs bump from diving into Sister

Holding my cell phone over my head, I was able to take pictures of what I couldn’t really see.  CJ kept getting irritated at me for asking her to turn around so I could take her picture.

Is This Sonic?

I didn’t realize before just how big the balloons really are.

Should I Read One of these Wimpy Kid books?

The ropes attached to Spider Man seem more authentic than on the other balloons.

Two Years Ago My Daughters Threw Me a Spidey-Themed Birthday Pary.

There were cool Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade logos on the big drums, but I never got a picture of them.  You’ll have to take at my word on those babies.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Prof. Torg 2011 New York City
Tricky to get the band photos in my narrow line of sight

My line of sight was right under that “No Standing” sign.  If it would have rained, we would have had cover under the scaffolding.  It was a beautiful day.  As you might know, most NYC city blocks contain lots of scaffolding.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Prof. Torg 2011 New York City
No Leaving Early Even if We Wanted To

Did Buddy the Elf call Santa “The Big Guy.” That’s how I remember it.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Prof. Torg 2011 New York City
My Wife Turned on Christmas Music as We Cleared Thanksgiving Meal

I have not bad picks of somebody from The Fresh Beat Band and of Mary J. Blige.  There was kind of a cool restaurant on the other side of the street that meant everyone tended to look away from us.  I have a very blurry picture of Avril Lavigne and one of Neil Diamond’s back standing in front of a fake Mount Rushmore.  I’ll link you up to the Yahoo pictures of the parade after you get a look at my daughter doing a chant that she heard this morning on 7th Avenue.

If I had a better seat and camera, I could have done these too:  🙂   Click on my smiley for those pics.

2 responses to “Macy’s Day Parade Report”

  1. Nice hair on Isabel & great chant by Charlotte. Looks like a fun Thanksgiving! I ate pizza, drank red wine, went for a drive and had a nice long hike in Griffith Park. Only a parade can beat that for me 😉 Love you!


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