My Personal Notes for Class With Links: Thur. 1/20/2011

Lesson Plans / Jan. 20, 2010 / First Day

Prof. Bill Torgerson

English Composition

The Metaphor

  • Don’t know what to write
  • Gap between speaker and audience
  • Energy
  • The notion of a larger conversation, also the professional conversation

Take everybody through the big idea as written on the syllabus


We will build on what has been done before.  My expectations for your work will have evolved from the work that was done before.  What I’m asking you to do this semester will be at least slightly different from what I asked of the students last semester.

Writing territories:


Scholarly Personal Narrative:

Documentary Film:

Watch some student films on my computer

Final Portfolio:

For Mon. 1/24:

  • Buy a composition journal for daily note taking.  We’ll call this a Daybook because Prof. Torg really admired this guy named Donald Murray who used that term.
  • Click here to be taken to the course website:
  • Go to the “Click Here for Student Blogs” tab.  Click on Prof. Torg’s blog (it’s first) and read his “Dear Swimmers in Language” letter that explains this course.  Once you get your blog set up, write us a note to launch your blog and introduce yourself to us.
  • On the course website, click on the “Sample Work/Tutorial Videos” tab and watch Prof. Torgerson’s video titled “Getting Started with a WordPress Blog.”
  • Set up a WordPress Blog.  Email Professor Torgerson your link.  If your blog is to be private, add him as a reader.  Use this format:  LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (CLASS TIME)
  • Return to Prof. Torg’s blog and find the post entitled “Writing Territories.”  Copy and paste the prompts into your own new blog post.  Respond to the prompts by making lists after each prompt.  At the end of your lists, choose something from your list to write about.  Tell us a story from that item on your list or tell us about one of those items on your list.  The total word count should be 400 words.  If you find yourself short, go back to your “writing territories” list and write about something in addition to what you’ve already written.

Music and Movies Book Group at Barnes and Noble:  I do a book group the third Monday night of each month.  On the night of Monday, Feb. 21st, we’re going to discuss Chuck Klosterman’s book, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.

Time permitting:  Form a group of five.  Learn each other’s names.  What have people in your history said about how to write?  In other words, list 5 rules for writing that you’ve heard someone say or that you’ve learned for yourself.  Finally, come up with a definition for good writing.

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