Mrs. T Sounds off on Immigration

Two posts by a former Facebook friend of my wife’s caught her attention this evening.  I was up in bed reading and about to fall asleep, when Megan came upstairs hopping mad.  What she had to say was interesting and important enough that I thought I should share it all with you:

Picture from the CBS Story

Megan wrote…

A girl I went to college with, posted a news story about a Hispanic woman that came to the US illegally to give birth to her child. The woman did this so that she would now be a US citizen. The “college friend” was posting this to say how awful it is that “these people” are doing this. I can’t believe that people can be so insensitive and callous. Only after I watched this news segment did I realize how I feel about this situation. Her post led me to write the following, which in turn caused her to “de-friend” me:

It is interesting that you “liked” “don’t judge…you never know what a person’s story is…leave that up to God,” and then you put this up. I feel for this woman and all of the other women, men and children that live in a place we can not even comprehend. I would do everything in my power for my child and I not to be sent back to a horrific situation. If I ever even began to have a rotten attitude about an immigrant, illegal or not, I would quickly ask myself if I would live in the country they are so desperately trying to escape. I guarantee that answer would be “NO”. Do I have the answer for how the US should handle illegal immigrants and the financial issues that come along with the situation? No. But I do know that if God were to one day ask me how I treated people who were trying to come into a free, blessed, wealthy country only to leave a country of heartache, poverty and dead-ends, I would want to be able to say that I showed sympathy and did not turn them away.