Four Things You (likely) Didn’t Know about Tonight’s NCAA Tournament Teams

  1. Western Kentucky University’s school store has it’s own mascot named Blanco.  He or she has a book coming out and you can connect to his or her blog here.  
  2. Not to be outdone by WKU’s store mascot, the President of Mississippi Valley State, Dr. Donna H. Oliver, also has a blog. She even wrote about tonight’s game. I wished her luck here.  
  3. Those who attend Iona College are Gaels. This is defined on the school’s website as “anyone of Irish-Gaelic ancestry, consistent with the Irish tradition of Iona.” Additionally, “the Gael, which is depicted as a spunky character, provides Iona with a nickname consistent with the school motto, certa bonum certamen, (“fight a good fight”) and personifies strength.” (see it for yourself here).

This is a Gael from Iona

4.  Brigham Young University’s college of management is the  Marriott School.  Yep, it’s the Marriott Hotel family.  Among the three secrets of success named by founder J. Willard Marriott? Marrying right. You can read the whole story here.   BYU has a Romney Institute there too.  The presidential hopeful graduated from the school with a B.A. in English.

Not that you were wondering, but I picked MVSU and Iona to win the games. I can’t name a player on any of the teams, but I know what Blanco the school store mascot looks like.

A Father and Daughter Guide to Picking the NCAA Basketball Tournament

These seem to be the guidelines used by my six and three year old girls to pick basketball games:

  1. In general, pick teams located in states where family lives. According to the six year old, “There are a lot of Carolina teams.”  With grandparents and extended family in Indiana and North Carolina, this means watch out for the Tar Heels, Irish, and Hoosiers in the tourney.
  2. We like to go to the beach, so Long Beach State is going to the elite eight.  (Plus, Aunt Anne lives nearby.)
  3. For the five year old, two of the “First Four” game winners will advance to the second weekend.
  4. The three year old says “Cantucky” instead of “Kentucky.”  Because Cantucky is very fun to say, she’s got them winning the national title.
William Torgerson NCAA basketball final four

Girls' Basketball

My wife Megan deserves lots of credit. She clicked on the youngest’s picks and uncovered the nugget, “Cantucky.”

The youngest wanted to know, “What number am I on?”  Instead of, “What number is on my jersey?”