What or Who are River People? Torg Stories Podcast

Asheville Outdoor Center, French Broad River, River Arts District

David Donnell of Asheville Outdoor Center and Torg

Asheville Outdoor Center owner David Donnell and I talk River People and about his twenty-five years in business on this week’s Torg Stories Podcast.

I met David when he did me the good deed of helping my family make our first 48 Hour Film Project movie. Dave put my oldest daughter in a kayak and then guided a raft next to her so we could film her on the French Broad River.

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It’s also a video podcast. Both the audio only and video versions are embedded below.

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Some stuff that might be worth knowing or checking out:

  • The AOC is located at 521 Amboy Road. Asheville, North Carolina. 28806. Click here for their Facebook page.
  • AOC has a tap room. It’s a beautiful spot to grab a beer along the river.
  • Dave says development has impacted the way that the river handles heavy rains.
  • When the CFS (cubic feet per second water flow) is over 5,000, Dave doesn’t allow canoes.
  • A new bridge on his 7 mile float trip doesn’t allow boaters to pass under it if the CFS is over 5,000.
  • What new challenges does the river face because of its popularity?
  • I’d like to see one of these tire dances.
  • Scotty Richards, the original tire plucker, weekends spent picking up tires and trash, 12-15 years. Can I see his rubber tire plucking boat?

Dave gave a shout out to White Duck Taco. I’ve never been there. He said the fish tacos are good. I am a connoisseur of fish tacos. I’m planning a visit!

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Podcast with Dave Donnell from Asheville Outdoor Center

Torg Stories Podcast with owners of the Grail Moviehouse

In this week’s episode, I talk with the owners of a new theater in Asheville: The Grail Moviehouse. More on our collaboration here. It’s in an old warehouse that has been fixed up. There’s cozy chairs, beer from local breweries, and some stadium style seats in the back. It’s a great place to watch old movies on the big screen and see some new stuff you can’t find at the theater chains.

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This week, my family and I went to see Roger Ross William’s new documentary, Life Animated. It’s about an autistic man. His life story and how his family was finally able to connect with him through Disney films. Cool family. Dad is a writer. Protagonist is funny and touching. The film was a teeny bit on the intense side for my eight year old, but our ten year old really liked it. Movie for grown ups that can appeal to kids, probably ten and older. Also interesting as a teacher for thinking about working with autistic children.

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August 1, 2016 Edition

The theater is just South of downtown on French Broad Avenue. Quite a bit of free parking, which is amazing, for Asheville. It’s become my go to spot for parking when I go to downtown Asheville.

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French Broad River Keeper is his Title: Torg Stories Podcast

I want to make a movie about the French Broad River, and so on this week’s Torg Stories podcast, I talk with Hartwell Carson, French Broad Riverkeeper. Carson works for an organization called Mountaintrue

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editorial note: I uploaded the raw file without the intro and music

Hope you enjoy getting right into my conversation with Hartwell!


For the first time ever, this week’s episode is also available as a video podcast:

I think my interest in making this movie probably has its origins in all the years I spent dinking around in a john boat on the Tippecanoe River in Winamac, Indiana. Now I live in Asheville, North Carolina where you can’t go anywhere without seeing a kayak or canoe on top of somebody’s car. I wanted to get on the river and as my wife and I looked at the cost of our options and what might fit us best, we decided on a used whitewater raft. We could be together as a family. The raft could do both the calm and more rowdy stretches of the river. To start the process of making the film, I knew I wanted to learn about the river, the community that uses it, and the social and political issues that surround it.

Carson and I talked water quality, Duke energy and their coal ash pits, the work he does as riverkeeper, and his favorite spots on the river.

If you’ve got ideas for how you could help with the Torg Stories river movie, please let us know in the comments section. I also hope you’ll take the time to share the post via social media or by email if you know of those who would be interested.

I hope you enjoy this week’s conversation with French Broad Riverkeeper, Hartwell Carson. Thanks for listening!

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