Mother’s Day Edition Podcast: Two Stories, NBA Playoffs, and the Player Pyramid Rankings

Mother's Day NBA Playoffs Lakers Nuggets Celtics Heat

Anne puts $15K at risk on her brick order working for a general contractor, and I tell the “Mystery of the Ripped Boat Cover” to open this Torg Stories Podcast episode. We also talk NBA Playoffs and update our player pyramids.

At Watauga HS where I coach, we often do celebrations at the end of practice. Do you have a celebration of our mom?

  • Anne: mom spent three weeks in the hospital with her when she had a broken arm. (except for one night of Grandma Ogie snoring).
  • Bill: I like to tell how I broke mom’s ankle sliding into second base of a barn lot wiffle ball game. Mom was the one who drove us everywhere and helped keep my constant need to compete at bay. Thanks Mom for being willing to play all of those games with Anne and me!

Our stories for today:

  1. Anne: blended brick order and an intimidating architect
  2. Bill: “The Case of the Torn Boat Cover.”

NBA Playoff Update:

  1. Sixers at Celtics
  2. The conference finals are set.

Bill’s Storylines:

  1. Celtics v Heat:
  2. Suns fire Coach Monty Williams. (a reason for change / a defense of Coach Williams / reboot)
  3. I’m so surprised to see the Lakers. What happened? I think defense and shot creation happened.
  4. What do the Warriors do? What do they need? What happened to Looney? Wiggins missing time?
  5. How is it that the Heat have the most talent / grit?
  6. Think back to before the playoffs, who we thought would be here. Click here for the standings.

Playoff Pyramids:

Bill’s player is pyramid above, and Anne’s pyramid is below:

Anne’s Player Playoff Pyramid

Thanks for listening!

One response to “Mother’s Day Edition Podcast: Two Stories, NBA Playoffs, and the Player Pyramid Rankings”

  1. I fondly remember those “run down” days! I had 3 sisters so I looked forward to all the sporting games we played with Bill…how about the “Jordan Jammer”? Oh the Anne stories I could tell. If we only had all the old tapes we recorded of our made up radio shows! Loved all my Torg times! Thanks for the mention….long time since I’ve heard, Laura Heater 😁 Thanks to MacKenzie Ledley for letting me know I was on a famous podcast!


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