The End of our River Journey! Miles 136 to 149

French Broad River, Star Inflatables, rafting, kayaking, Asheville

Along with my wife Megan and our two daughters, we have completed our goal to raft 149 miles of the French Broad River from the headwaters in Rosman, North Carolina to what is called the Rankin Bottoms located just northeast of Newport, Tennessee.

The trip was a part of our project to make a movie about the French Broad River, the people who use it, and the social and political issues that surround it.

The rafting trip was just the first phase of this project. I am now writing about the river and continuing to interview those related to the French Broad. This includes Brevard College Professor of Environmental Science Jennifer Frick-Ruppert and University of North Carolina Asheville geologist Jackie Langille. I will continue to post the periodic update about our French Broad River movie project.

French Broad River, Star Inflatables, rafting, kayaking, Asheville

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