OKC Can Play Better versus Warriors

All of the sudden, it’s hard to imagine how Golden State can stop Russell Westbrook or keep the Thunder off the boards. I think they can play even better tonight…

1. Westbrook could be more focused on keeping track of where Curry is on the floor.


With his frenetic energy and all-over-the-court presence, sometimes Westbrook can lose track of Curry. Here he lunges and gives Curry an easy one.

2. Don’t give away the switch so easily.


In a lot of the games I watch, it’s as if there is a rule in the NBA that teams have to switch ball screens. Many times, going under the screen is an option. With Curry and Thompson, a strong hedge or double team would be the best strategy.

3. When the double team comes, have a plan for where the ball will go.


I see Durant and Westbrook get in a hurry attacking an advantageous match up. Sometimes they back out when a double team comes or they kick out to a shooter for a corner three. I like Adams on the block as a place to go when the double team comes. Rather than trying to go fast, I like Durant using his height and Westbrook using his power.

4. You have sets OKC. Run them.


OKC can get in a rut spreading out and working isolation plays. It’s not so much to ask to get into one of their simple sets. This is one of OKC’s worst plays of the game. Of course, I make this pass plenty when I play. How can Kevin Durant?

This post doesn’t mean I think the Thunder are the favorites. Golden State can be much, much better if they get their shots out of their motion offense. When Curry and Thompson are coming off down screens, the screeners tend to get open a lot.

I’m writing for conversation. Love to hear what you think in the comments section!


4 thoughts on “OKC Can Play Better versus Warriors

  1. You are to concerned with Steph. Stop Klay. No layups for anyone!


  2. nice hearing you thoughts on this! i agree that durant and westbrook need to make the right pass out of double teams more consistently. their achilles heel tends to be durant and westbrook not trusting their teammates enough, i think, but they seem to be getting better at getting other guys involved. adams and kanter were big in the series against the spurs.


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