How Far Will You Go?

Queens World Film Festival: F*** You Cancer Edition

Queens World Film Festival, William Torgerson, Christopher's Garden, Pop Meets the Void, Queens, New York City, Arizona, Oregon, movies, film, art, improv

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I talk making stuff, movies, surviving cancer and love with the directors of the Queens World Film Festival, Don and Katha Cato.

Pop Meets the Void, Queens World Film Festival, Christopher's Garden, William Torgerson, Bill

Our conversation begins by talking about the “Best in Fest” film, Pop Meets the Void.

Don and Katha direct the Queens World Film Festival where our Torg Stories film “Christopher’s Garden” screened. During our conversation, Katha tells her story of going from small town Arizona to Oregon and on to New York City while Don talks about meeting Katha and putting her in his first films. There are some movie deals gone wrong, and Katha talks about art in relation to her cancer diagnosis. There’s also a behind the scenes “look” at how festivals are produced.

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