I Dreamed I Died

I dreamed last night I died in a car wreck.

My old college coach Ralph Hodge was at the wheel. Carmelo Anthony was in the passenger seat and I was in the back. We were on our way to a game in Canada. Don’t know why we weren’t on a bus.

I was talking to an old teammate of mine Gerard on the phone. He was going to drive back from the game with his wife and he was worried he was going to get lost.

The road we were on was high up in the mountains like the Blue Ridge Parkway but we were driving along the ocean. The road twisted to the right and Coach went straight. He said, “Oh no.” Otherwise, everything was silent.

I prayed, “Love you Lord,” as the car turned upside down. I knew we’d never live through the impact. I thought of my wife. Then I imagined how she and the kids would be told about me. I felt really sad I wouldn’t see the girls again. Then I felt shivers all over at the moment the car would have hit the water.

I woke up with Scrooge’s enthusiasm for life after he had visited with the three ghosts.

It’s a good day to be alive!

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