God Moments: Fern Gets Sentenced and The Gift of a Bible

“Give me a chance to thank Jose for the Bible,” Fern had prayed. The events that actually allow Fern the chance to do that could be explained away as an amazing coincidence. Fern, however, calls them God moments.


In this conversation, Fern covers his trial, the gift of a Bible, and the invitation from a fellow prisoner to receive Christ, something he dismissed at first as crazy.

There are more of these God moments in today’s conversation, from the way that Fern was able to quit smoking cold turkey after a lifetime of smoking to how Fern was able to get a job working in the prison’s church. In our last episode, Fern described his arrest in the Bahamas and that he missed the birth of his son while being transported to a federal holding facility in Miami.

So get ready to hear a series of stories highlighting these “God Moments.” It’s the sort of stuff that gave me goosebumps.



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