2 thoughts on “First Dates

  1. A young lady I had recently met asked me to go bowling with her, in spite of my protestations that I was not a good bowler. In the end, I agreed, although (presumably to keep things from getting to personal) she invited her roommate and the roommate’s date to come with us.

    Remember the part about me not being a good bowler? Yeah. The total stranger in the next lane felt justified in coming over and coaching me. That’s a little embarrassing on a first date. Then my brand-new classy white jeans (hey, this was many years ago!) split right up the back. That’s a lot embarrassing on a first date.

    I was convinced the brand-new relationship would last no longer than my white jeans, but we celebrated our thirty-second anniversary last month.


    • Love this story. I sort of have a theory that you shouldn’t do something you stink at in front of a woman you hope will like you. And you totally overcame. Nice!


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