Writing, Feedback, and Film Editing

Thanks to Mrs. T and Izzy for giving me lots of space and quiet to work today.  I met the daily 800 word quota I set for myself when I’m working on a novel.  Lately, it’s been more like 800 words four days a week.

Kathy Patrick Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend William Torgerson Love on the Big Screen
Pulpwood Queens Favor Safari Print
photo by Natalie Brasington

I followed up my writing by meeting another daily quota: I read seven student papers. At that rate, I’ll have them done in seven days, which would put me a day ahead of schedule. This semester I’ve spaced out my face to face classes’ assignments so they come in at a different time than the writing of the online students.

Kathy Patrick Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend William Torgerson Love on the Big Screen
This Banner Blew Down After I filmed it
(I didn’t steal it)

I spent the whole rest of my day doing color correction to the Girlfriend Weekend “For the Love of Books” documentary. To be truthful, rather than call it color correction, I should probably call it “color improvement.” When I’d do an adjustment, it would take a while for Final Cut Pro to render the change, and while it was “working,” I watched videos from NYU’s “Media Talks.” The more I learn about their master’s degree in publishing the more I’m impressed by it.

We used my kids’ puzzle map to
illustrate my trip to Jefferson, Texas

I should note that my wife Megan made the little airplane in the picture.

There are some good videos related to the book business on the NYU site here.

5 responses to “Writing, Feedback, and Film Editing”

  1. When you are writing your novel drafts or whatever project you are working on… are you just writing in Word or a different software. Would love recommendations?


  2. I write in Word when I’m writing a novel. I hear (especially Apple people) complain about it but I’m not sure why. I use Final Draft to write scripts. I did write my first one in Word and tab over but I wouldn’t recommend that. If you are going to keep writing scripts, it’s worth the $.

    I don’t think it matters too much what you write in. Does it seem to matter to you? Interesting if it does. I sometimes hear lots of talk about free hand, notebooks or even writing on a phone.


    • I was hoping it didn’t matter. I personally writing ideas, small chunks of content and dialogue, and mapping character development in notebooks and leave the real writing in Word. But I was also wondering about any special formatting you do. Currently my stories are double-spaced.. does that matter?


  3. Let’s see. When I have submitted stories for publication they have been double spaced. I think in almost every case, the journal has been specific about how they wanted the text. 🙂


  4. 7-10 in a sitting is usually as much as I can handle in one sitting. Then, I start to get grouchy or my eyes glaze over, and my feedback suffers. I only have one section right now, though. How do you handle 3 at once?!


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