Read or Overheard: Golden Lines From the Past Week

…all your facts are probably slightly polluted by your theories.

Peter Elbow in The Teacherless Writing Class

My student Eileen Gill writes about her hometown of Hollis:

It’s funny, because I see the Hollis that I moved to when I was six as Hollis in its purest form.  And I’m terrified that this friend of mine will one day be unrecognizable. But to people like Dick Walker, this travesty has already occurred.  I guess it’s an endless cycle–the world continues to change and there’s no way we can stop it or go back to the way things were in the past. I don’t know what to think about it, but it sort of makes me sad.

from the Hollis, NH website

Nicholas Carr describes what the internet is doing to our brains and writes…

When a ditch digger trades his shovel for a backhoe, his arm muscles weaken as his efficiency increases.  A similar trade off may well take place as we automate the work of the mind.

Hope you’ll check out my post next Wednesday whenI invite you to respond to a list of prompts in order to create your writing territories.

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