Golden Lines From My Students’ Work

Last week when I was reading student blogs, I started collecting lines that jumped out at me so that I could share them with you.  With permission, here are a few bits of the great stuff I get to read:

The subway poles are a germaphobe’s worst nightmare. Sometimes I think that I would rather fall on my behind than grab on to those filthy things. One time, I saw a man take his hand off the pole, sneeze into it and then resume holding the pole. When I saw that, I felt my stomach drop. He probably wasn’t the first person to do this.

-by Tahyna Hernandez

Is there a child today in any part of the world who has not learned of or heard of the gas chambers in Auschwitz or read the diary of Anne Frank? Indeed. But ask any child in American modern society about what the rape of Nanking was and you will find that 99% of the population would be ignorant of such crimes. 

-by Ada Lee


My parents blamed the black people in my community for the violence and M——‘s parents blamed the Latinos.

by B.A. writing about strain in a cross cultural friendship

As the documentary went on, I was shocked to see that there was discrimination and segregation between black and white deaf people also. I thought to myself, if deaf people were already discriminated against, why would they further the discrimination, especially when both races shared the deaf commonality? 

by Jenyca St. Surin

Titles are like a person’s physical appearance in that they might not reflect how the person really is but they have the power to draw you in.

-also by Tahyna Hernandez

I’ve resisted offering more context at the moment.  If there are comments, I might say a little more about the sorts of texts these lines come from.

2 responses to “Golden Lines From My Students’ Work”

  1. I was ecstatic to read these lines. Can’t believe some of them were written by 1st year students with a very deep level of thoughtfulness and reflection!


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