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Saturday, February 26     Storrs, Connecticut.  Saturday Seminar with the Connecticut Writing Project on Research Writing.

Tuesday, March 1               Kankakee, Illinois.  Reading at Olivet Nazarene University.  7:00

Tuesday, March 8              Logansport, Indiana.  Author Reading at the Nest.  11:00.

Saturday, March 5.           Winamac, Indiana.  Author Reading at the Town Library.  1:00.

Saturday, March 12.         Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Book signing at Firefly Coffee Shop.  10:00.

Saturday, March 26.         Montclair State New Jersey.  New Jersey Council For Teachers of English.  Presentation.

Friday, May 13-15.            Jefferson, Texas.  The Fred McKenzie Storytelling Book Festival

The Impact and Absence of John Hughes > Don’t You Forget About Me : A Documentary B

“Don’t You Forget About Me” is a documentary worth seeing if you’re a product of the eighties, especially a fan of the romantic comedy.  We watched it at my house via Netflix on demand for nothing.  Here’s a little excerpt from the filmmakers blog:

It was never our intention to be in the film. After our first year of making the film and getting nowhere with trying to get the exclusive interview with the ellusive Hughes, we simply gave up. We focused on the people who worked with him or were influenced by him. It’s not just that he hasn’t given “an” interview since 1999. When Time magazine wanted to do an article with him, he said no. When the Biography channel wanted to do an interview with him, he said no. When MTV was giving him an award, he didn’t show up. When his old high school wanted to give him an award, he didn’t accept. When they dug up an idea Hughes wrote down on a napkin in the 80s (Drillbit Taylor)and Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow wanted to meet with him, he said no.

via The Impact and Absence of John Hughes > Don’t You Forget About Me : A Documentary B.

This is a good example of some storytellers pressing on even though there were some roadblocks in the way of this getting out.  It was good to see Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Kevin Smith up there on the screen.

Here’s the trailer

Your favorite Hughes film?