An Honest Prayer: The DEA Arrests Fern

After hearing about Fern’s theft of a U.S. Marshall plane on the last podcast episode, in this conversation Fern tells us about arriving to Columbia and getting involved with the Medellin Cartel, the first prayer of his life, and his eventual arrest by the DEA in the Bahamas the day after the birth of his son.

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“Sanctuary” Explores Faith in God and Prayer

Below you can listen to my reading of “Sanctuary,” a story in my novel-in-stories entitled Horseshoe. The catalyst for writing this piece probably first came the result of the death of a high school friend from cancer approximately fifteen years ago. I remember that there was a church service in relation to her illness. It wasn’t a service I attended, and I never talked with my friend or anyone else about what happened there. So the events of this story and the thoughts of the lead character are from my own imagination.

William Torgerson is author of Love on the Big Screen and Horseshoe. St. John's University

“Sanctuary” is in the novel-in-stories Horseshoe

I was interested in the subject matter because of my interest in what it means to be a person who believes in God and what it means to pray. I also drew on my experiences of the death of my grandfather and father in law, both also from cancer. It’s a story I couldn’t have written ten years ago before I met my wife and learned what it is to live in the world with daughters. It’s a terrifying and wonderful experience. Music is by the Jeremy Vogt Band. “Sanctuary” first appeared in the literary journal Sakura and was published most recently by Cherokee McGhee Press.

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