What will you do your documentary on? Do you want to work with others?

As I’ve been conferencing with students, I’m finding that many students aren’t in love with their documentary project and they wish they had some people to work with.   I’d like for all my students to reply to this post and share their idea, whether or not they are feeling confident, and if they’d like to work with a couple more people.

The documentary film will be worth 15% of your grade: 5 for engagement of audience (using voice over, transitions, credits, music, etc), 5 for the presence of research, and 5 for an understandable message/story/argument.

Here’s the link to my tutorial for moviemaker:


8 thoughts on “What will you do your documentary on? Do you want to work with others?

  1. I’ve spoken with Elsa, and we’ve decided to our documentary together on her subject.


  2. To be honest, I’m not feeling that confident and I would actually like to work with a group of people!


  3. I’m probably going to be doing a documentary on the history of violence in video games. I’d prefer to work alone on it, mostly because I’m planning on using game clips and pictures while doing a voice-over, so it wouldn’t work out as well with a group.


  4. I think it will be hard to work alone since I don’t have a camera and am not familiar with imovie. A group would work a lot better if you have a similar topic.


  5. I’m kind of confused on what I want to do for my documentary film. I was thinking at first of doing something on Criminal Justice but I’m not so sure anymore.


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